About Me

Photography is something that I picked up as a hobby; I always enjoyed playing with angles and lighting using the camera on my phone. Once I started to feel a little more confident, I decided to jump straight in and invest in a “proper” camera.

I really enjoy how photography has helped me to connect with various other artists and get involved in all sorts of local events in my town. As someone who is extremely passionate about the improvement and development of the town that I live in, I love how I can express that passion through photography, catching moments and people that give life to the town.

We all live such busy and hectic lives, rarely getting a moment to enjoy the present and take in our surroundings. With photography, I can capture a still moment in all the madness, and take time to enjoy the colours, the shapes and shading, the emotions and everything in between of that moment, in a single picture.

I am always looking forward to seeing what I can capture next.

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